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  1. Please complete the form below to start the registration process for CAI.
  2. Please review the terms and conditions prior to booking.
  3. Once you complete this form you will receive an email with a link directing you to a booking form. On the booking form you may select your interview day and pay for CAI using Alipay or e-bank through the Alipay platform.
  4. The ID number you provide here must match the ID you bring to the interview, otherwise CIEE reserves the right to cancel your interview.

You must complete both steps in the registration process in order to successfully register for CAI.
If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact CIEE’s Shanghai office at 21-64276285.

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2014 US University Recruitment Seminar

CIEE is excited to host four elite American universities at recruitment events in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

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CIEE Applicant Interview

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